Type of storage

Personal storage for those things you have little room for, but don’t want to throw away or when you are renovating and want your rooms cleared. We offer pick-up and delivery service to make it as easy as possible for you.

Commercial storage can come in many different forms. Market stall holders may need storage to keep their equipment close and ready. Small businesses get larger orders earlier than expected and need safe storage.

Your car, Motor bike, Boat or any vehicle you want to keep safe.


If you have no room at home for your boat, Jet Ski, dirt bike or any other fun item we can arrange secure and easy accessible storage.


If you have your furniture arriving from overseas before your condo or villa is ready, we can take care of the container until you need it. Some developers have an early arrival of imported fittings but nowhere to keep them. We can help, as we have the space to keep containers until you need them.


We carry a wide range of packing materials, tape, bubble wrap, foam packaging, tape, Locks or other materials needed


We offer a pickup and delivery service. For smaller items we can provide boxes, packing materials and a delivery service. For larger items that require a truck we can have one of our contractors contact you and make the necessary arrangements.


We can offer you full insurance for your stored goods through an international insurance company.